Digital Cookbook

Developed with HTML and CSS for the frontend. All data is managed with phpMyAdmin and MySQL. The goal of this project was to design a website that could store all your favorite recipes digitally. Each recipe is stored on a card and displays its image and name. Check out the demo!

Click here to visit demo Website

Alphabet Game

IOS app Developed using Swift. Made to help kids learn the alphabet by associating a letter from the alphabet with its corresponding image. A score counter is provided to track correct answers, and a distinct sound is played for correct and incorrect answers.


Data Visualization and Analytics

Developed with Python and Federal Reserve Economic Data(FRED) API. This program's functionalities retrieve and analyze data with linear regression for the cost of housing in Texas, creating interactive charts to visualize the data. This program can be modified to compare any two data series on FRED.

E-commerce Website Screenshot

Machine Learning Model

Developed a simple machine learning model using Python and TensorFlow utilizing the MNIST dataset to display images of the dataset.

Machine Learning Model